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Business Consulting

The purpose of business consulting is to help organizations improve their performance. Business consultants will allow adjusting your organization or business to measure its success, improve efficiency, maximize returns and minimize risk. An effective service allows you to know exactly where you are, decide where you would like to go and set strategies of how to get there with the most efficiency possible.

Why choose PKF Mexico?

PKF Mexico has a history of helping a wide range of organizations in the various industrial, financial, commercial and services sectors, both in public and private companies, as well as governmental organizations. Attention to our clients is always centered on practical and realistic solutions adapted to each organization, backed by global methodologies and local knowledge and experience, allowing us to offer real added value.

Our services

The services offered by our business consultants include:

  • Business strategic planning.
  • Development and implementation of strategies to reach competitive advantages.
  • Corporate structure consolidation.
  • Comprehensive business development plans.
  • Organizational restructuring and reorganization.
  • Process optimization and/or reengineering.
  • Preservation of business knowledge.
  • Crisis management.
  • Franchise outline.
  • CRM Philosophy.